Material Culture 
HIS 2998 -- Topics in History -- Fall 1998 

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Writing Assignments 
        Revised Assignment for Villanova, Part 2 
How to Access Electronic Reserve Reading 
Sister Bell Handout (Sept. 2) 
Connelly Center Handout (Sept. 4) 
Virtual Exhibits Exploration (Sept. 11) 
Reading Assignments for Sept. 14 (Petroski) 
Search Strategies/Colonial America (Sept. 18) 
Reading Assignments for Sept. 23 (Deetz) 
Evaluating Web Sites / Victorian Era (Sept. 25) 
Reading Assignments for Sept. 30 (Ames) 
Dundale Handout (Oct. 2) 
World's Fairs: Artifacts/Interpretation (Oct. 9) 
Reading Assignments for Oct. 12 (Rydell) 
Important Announcements - Monday (Nov. 9) 
Instructions for Web-Page Uploading (Nov. 16) 
Info about Last Two Weeks of Class (Nov. 16)

The Centennial Project 
Research / Field Trip Info (Oct. 16 handout) 
Paper Topic Ideas 
The Centennial Archive 

Web Links  

Web Page Ideas / Reviews 
Web Development Tools 
Exhibits on the Web 
World's Fair Sites 


  Field Trip Photos!


See It! Where to go to see artifacts related to our course readings.