Investigating U.S. History II (Since 1877)

Dr. Charlene Mires
Villanova University
Fall 2001


Independent Investigation Project

bullet16.gif (1902 bytes) Suggestions for Project Topics
bullet16.gif (1902 bytes) Book analysis instructions
bullet16.gif (1902 bytes) Article analysis instructions
bullet16.gif (1902 bytes) First-hand account (primary source) analysis instructions
bullet16.gif (1902 bytes) Visual source analysis instructions - select appropriate worksheet from the National Archives

Tips for Reading Primary Source Documents

Case Studies

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Locations to search
for primary sources

Universal Search

National Union Catalog
of Manuscript Collections

Area archives

Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries

Urban Archives,
Temple University

Historical Society of Pennsylvania

National Archives (Philadelphia)

Swarthmore Peace Collection

On-line archives

American Memory,
Library of Congress

Making of America
(University of Michigan)

Making of America
(Cornell University)

Documenting the American South

Digital National Security Archive


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Today in History

History News Network

The History Channel

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